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A Farewell to Arms A Farewell to Arms (1957)
A Farewell to Arms (1957)

PlotA Farewell to Arms - Plot:
The story of an affair between an English nurse an an American soldier on the Italian front during World War I.
StoryA Farewell to Arms - Story:
Frederick Henry, an American serving as a volunteer ambulance driver with the Italian forces in the First World War, is wounded and falls in love with his attending nurse, the British Catherine Barkley. In the midst of war and some intrigue, the pair struggles to stay together and to survive the horrors around them.
GenresGenres: Drama, Romance, War,
CountriesCountries: USA,
Year of releaseYear of release: 1957.
GenresDVD & Blu-Ray: United States United Kingdom Canada Brazil Germany France Italy Spain China Japan
DateDate: Not Available
User VotesRating: 6.0/10
RuntimeRuntime: 152 minutes
OscarsOscars: None
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