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Naples: The History Naples: The History (2008)
Naples: The History (2008)

The history of Naples

PlotNaples: The History - Plot:
The history of Naples, Italy unfolds as a mystery.
StoryNaples: The History - Story:
The history of Naples unfolds as a mystery; What is a "caldera? Who knows today that Naples is built above one of the super-volcanoes which have devastated our land over the past 50,000 years? And is it known that sirens had wings until the year 1000? Are people aware of the fact that Greek was the spoken language of Naples? How were the ancient Greek towns organized? What were the "fratrie" (brotherhood), associations so amazingly similar in structure and organization to the modern day associations of "camorra"? What do the ancient Gods and the patron saint of Naples have in common? How does it come that today, in 2008, the inhabitants of the "bassi" (a type of home, ground or low level, very popular in Naples) use the same trick used during Medieval times to keep rats and water out of their houses? These and many other questions will be addressed and answered during the documentary...
GenresGenres: Documentary, History,
CountriesCountries: Italy,
Year of releaseYear of release: 2008.
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DateDate: Not Available
User VotesRating: Unknown/10
MPAA RatingMPAA: Naples
RuntimeRuntime: 73 minutes
OscarsOscars: None
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