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About Us

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About us

Here at YourFilmTrailers.com we are passionate about movies and we like to review every movie we can get hands on. Each movie reviewed on YourFilmTrailers.com has its own detail page with a full description of the story and other useful info such us plot, starring actors, gnere, country of origin, user rating, MPAA classification, runtime, release date and number of oscars. You will also be able to watch the official trailer for each film so that you will be able to decide wheter or not you want to watch it on cinemas or at home.

On each movie detail page you will also find useful info on the available formats in which such movie is resold, such as DVD, VHS, Blue-Ray and Online Video Streaming. The available formats are specific for Countries/Regional Areas, so make sure you choose the appropriated area when you check for commercially available movie formats.

You can search our movie database using a query of your choice or you can browse it by actor, country of origin, year and genre. Should you not find the movie you were looking for, feel free to contact us with detailed info of the searched movie. Enjoy our free movie database!
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